We left the Grand Palace before noon, and noticed that there were two more tear-off portions of the tickets we purchased. The remaining places we had paid to enter weren't located anywhere near the Grand Palace, but were much farther north on the site of the government buildings.
To see where we had gone so far, look at the bottom of the map to the left near the bottom, center. The small circle just to the right of one of the Hs. The American Embassy was just above the northeast corner of Lumphini park in the lower right of the map. Jim Thompson House is near the middle below Phetchburi road, and Grand Palace is west, all the way to the river. From the scale, that looks like seven miles to me in the first day. After going to the Palace on Day 2, we walked to Vimanmek Palace in the green, northeast of the Grand P. It seemed very few persons make that trek since the crowds were much thinner, but the walk was certainly worth it.
There were several things to see on this site. The to the right is Audience Hall in the Dusit group. Below, is the Kakri Mansion, which is now used for the reception of foreign envoys. The interior was beautiful but we were prevented from taking pictures. Many stunning flower displays adorned the entrance way and while we were there, there was a very artful demonstration of authentic Thai dancing as the lower pictures display.

The whole company dances to the left. A sword fight above and a romantic tryst below.

LEFT is Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall. Every view of this fabulous house had a "No Photo" sign, but they forgot this view. Nya! Nya!

And so, DAY 2 ended with a splashy ride down the river. Tune in to DAY 3 to see what is usually considered the most important Buddha temple in all of Thailand, Wat Po. You see it on the map above just below the Grand Palace.

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